The ALIGNED Method

My unique ALIGNED Method acts as a guide to extradordinary transformation. When we become ALIGNED with our truest and highest self, health and wellness flows into our lives with ease and abundance.

The pillars of Awareness, Love, Intuition, Gut Health, Nourishment, Emotional Mastery, and Discernment create a simple yet remarkable method to facilitate massive change and transformation in any area of your life. The ALIGNED Method is an active backbone in my workshops and coaching.

Cultivate awareness of the present moment and of your thoughts, beliefs, actions, environments, and relationships. Awarenss is the catalyst to extraordinary transformation and alignment.
Create space for unconditional love for your food, body, self, and others. Transmute fear, insecurity, hate, and self-loathing into pure love.
Tap into your inner knowing and learn to trust your body and listen to HOW and WHAT it is communicating with you.
Gut Health
Our gut is at the center of everything and not only food gets digested here. The digestive system is constantly digesting nutrients, emotions, events, and environments. Gut health is a key indicator of overall health. Learn how to heal and listen to your gut.
While food is essential to nourish our bodies in a physical way, being truly nourished goes beyond the plate. How you nourish your mind and soul is just as important as using functional nutrition to provide you with complete nourishment.
Emotional Mastery
Learn how to master your emotions and actions through awareness and intention.
Cultivate the discernment to recognize what is in alignment with your best and highest good. Learn to choose what you consume (food, media, energy, etc.) from a place of discernment.
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