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Group Wellness Coaching


Why Group Coaching?


We tend to show up differently when we know people are counting on us to be there. Having a group to show up for each week provides the accountability most of us need for transformation.


It's hard going it alone, having a close community of women that are on the same journey as you provides a level of support you can't get anywhere else. Access to a community chat allows the group to give and seek advice and of course, to celebrate each other!


By doing group coaching I can help more women AND I can offer a price that is more accessible, it's a win-win for everyone!


DONE trying new diets that aren’t sustainable

TIRED of feeling unsatisfied with food and life

OVER hating their bodies

STRUGGLING to make time for herself

DISCONNECTED from their bodies

OPEN to trying alternative healing methods

EXCITED to create a mindfulness and meditation practice

READY to make moves and changes

As a nutritionist, I take a no-diet, holistic approach towards nutrition by fusing functional nutrition methods with intuitive and mindful eating practices and principles. 

I guide and teach my clients to love their body, make strategic and lasting behavioral changes, and reach their optimum health and their body’s natural weight WITHOUT diets. 

When we focus on the mind, body, and soul together, we achieve a nourishment that leaves us feeling balanced as a whole. Being well is about so much more than just the food on your plate.


Needing the support of a community, but still want individualized support? Group coaching is a great option for those that are searching for a small group setting with accountability, the support of a community, and  the recommendations and answers you need for your personal wellness transformation.

With group coaching you can expect my dedicated support, 8 weeks of weekly 60-minute coaching sessions, and an in-app community chat support.

The next group coaching session begins 4/24. Once registration closes I will assign groups and coaching session times. These sessions will meet every following Wednesday between 10:00am and 3:30pm MST. Replays of sessions will always be made available in the app.

Are you ready to find your wellness communiy? soul sisters? support system? best version of you?

Group Coaching

8-week commitment
$ 550 Pay in Full
  • or 2, $300 monthly payments
  • 60-minute weekly virtual group sessions
  • In-app community chat support
  • Next Session Begins 4/24/24
Begins 4/24

Want to try group coaching for free?

Register for a FREE group coaching session on 4/12 at 1:30pm MST

The ALIGNED Method

My unique ALIGNED Method acts as a guide to extradordinary transformation. When we become ALIGNED with our truest and highest self, health and wellness flows into our lives with ease and abundance.

The pillars of Awareness, Love, Intuition, Gut Health, Nourishment, Emotional Mastery, and Discernment create a simple yet remarkable method to facilitate massive change and transformation in any area of your life. The ALIGNED Method is an active backbone in my workshops and coaching.

Cultivate awareness of the present moment and of your thoughts, beliefs, actions, environments, and relationships. Awarenss is the catalyst to extraordinary transformation and alignment.
Create space for unconditional love for your food, body, self, and others. Transmute fear, insecurity, hate, and self-loathing into pure love.
Tap into your inner knowing and learn to trust your body and listen to HOW and WHAT it is communicating with you.
Gut Health
Our gut is at the center of everything and not only food gets digested here. The digestive system is constantly digesting nutrients, emotions, events, and environments. Gut health is a key indicator of overall health. Learn how to heal and listen to your gut.
While food is essential to nourish our bodies in a physical way, being truly nourished goes beyond the plate. How you nourish your mind and soul is just as important as using functional nutrition to provide you with complete nourishment.
Emotional Mastery
Learn how to master your emotions and actions through awareness and intention.
Cultivate the discernment to recognize what is in alignment with your best and highest good. Learn to choose what you consume (food, media, energy, etc.) from a place of discernment.
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Client Love

"I had a fantastic session with Nicole. She was a great listener and gave me recommendations that served my needs well. I find it hard to find tailor-made information online by myself, so I'm really glad Nicole was able to do that for me. I also love that she gives holistic advice, not just purely on diets. She recommends better sleep, managing my stress levels, and trying out a food journal. Just from a short call, she was able to suss out what might be causing my health concerns and provided me with lots of suggestions to feel better. I always appreciate a call where there are real solutions. I highly recommend Nicole to support you in your health journey."
- Nichi Ayoka

Have Questions?

Do you have questions about my group coaching sessions? Send me a message, I would love to chat!

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